Friday, April 5, 2013

WIP. How to: Mess it up and correct it, a.k.a painted wallpaper

Let's start it all over again, ok? 
Why did I even stop blogging? Who knows, but I am back, yay.

Let's paint a little bit, shall we!
It all started when I get a little bored. I decided to do something with that big empty wall space behind my bed and this is what I ended up with....

 This was mainly a test, to see how it looks. The colors, not sure; pattern pretty good. We live and learn.
 Let me tell you a secret, I messed it up. Can you tell? I found a way to save it and turned out quite well, what do you think?
So this is how this all happened. 

You need:
- Template
- Pencil (light, "F" or "H")
- Paint
- Good, synthetic brushes
- Some good music

You need the template.
I recommend make it out of cardboard paper, you will use it a lot, so the sturdier the better.
I used masking tape on the sides, again just to make it sturdier.

You will need paint.
I used acrylic paint. 
Added a hint of blue to my gray mixture, just looks better.
I added a little bit of water to the paint to make it watery, not necessary, you'll end up with a lighter color hue.


Trace and paint.
I waited a day before painting with the second color.
Paint, paint and paint a little more.

The trick to mess it up is to do single lines, instead of double line. Paint the inside of the lines. You use the lighter color in the bigger space. I will add soon more picture to explain it. 

The final look.

I hope you enjoyed it. Worth a try. It takes a lot of time but, it looks good and unique.

For the template go here, and see how beautiful is what she made.

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